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the blog wakes up

May 5, 2011

I realized tonight that I had to write something, anything, before my blog became a distant memory, one of those hobbies that flares and fizzles.  The truth is, this blog is important to me, even though I haven’t been present with it in months.

Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to start a blog.  It would be a great way to capture the fleeting moments of our daily lives, a way to “back up” my evolving thoughts and feelings about motherhood and my favorite photos too.  It would give me a chance to practice my writing.  Eventually I would get an article published in Mothering (oops, missed that boat).

I found myself loving it, the way it brought a creative element to even my most regular days home with my children.

I found myself taking more photographs and enjoying that too, finding and recording special moments in the every day.

I found myself on the internet too often, trying to keep up with my RSS, feeling somehow obligated to read and comment on as many blogs as possible.

I found myself uncomfortable with the very publicness of it all.

I found myself in complicated and ever-evolving real life situations that took all my energy and left me with no space for such a time-consuming endeavor.

And I find myself missing this space, this opportunity to write instead of only reading, to focus on a sliver of life that can feel like such a blur at times.  I didn’t imagine when I started this blog that I would have a whole category on “blogging,” but it turns out that the process of writing about your life becomes itself a distinct part of your life, and there is more to say than I have time for tonight.

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