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Remembering to play

November 20, 2010

Sometimes the girls and I have the most fun when I just get down on the floor with them. It’s easy to forget how big we adults are, towering over our children.  It’s easy for planned activities and necessary routines to fill all of our time.  But I’m noticing that we are most likely to laugh together in those little moments of downtime when I get down face to face and remember to play.

The moments I most want to remember from this week are those of spontaneous fun and connection, playing games such as these (too personal to find in an activity book):

Lying on the floor hugging Bubbles belly to belly, rolling back and forth chanting “Roly poly, roly poly, roly poly Baby!”  She signs “more” when I stop so we do it over and over.

Boo putting a table and two chairs together to make a stage and asking me to take videos of her “doing ballet” and coming up with some really kooky dance moves.

In the bathtub, putting a warm wet washcloth on Bubbles’ back and saying “you’re a turtle.”  She takes it off then signs “more.”

The three of us holding hands and jumping up and down on the bed shouting “I wish we had a trampoline!” and bursting into giggles.

Sometimes I forget how to be silly, but if I get down on the floor with my girls they will remind me.  And taking that time to be silly makes them feel loved and like I really want to be with them.  Which I do…so I want to remember to play!

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