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October 21, 2010

Whew, October has wiped me out!  I know it isn’t over yet, but in two days we leave for Boston to visit family and eat good food we don’t cook in a kitchen we don’t clean, so I’m considering this month pretty much wrapped up.  And after a renovation project, two out-0f-town visitors, some frenzied decluttering and a yard sale, I’m ready to turn the calendar to November.  Lots of blank spaces coming up on the weekends.  I like that.

I’m excited to get back to blogging too.  Taking a break from blogging gave me some insight into why I enjoy it.  I learned that I really enjoy writing. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for me and a way to share what I’m doing all day with other adults.

Blogging helps me get my thoughts together, because you can’t write clearly unless you are thinking clearly.  It gives me the opportunity and motivation to think about topics that are important and relevant to me and organize and clarify my own thoughts in a cohesive way that I wouldn’t otherwise.  (Although, tonight apparently I am not in the mood for brevity.)

I’m excited about continuing, and the opportunity to research the things that are most important to me and share my thoughts. I have pages and pages of notes in my catch-all notebook with little thoughts that I want to pull together into blog posts.

I also know for certain that blogging is not as important as my family, getting enough sleep, or continuing my daily yoga practice.  Blogging is important enough to spend a lot of time on it, and to have it in my regular consistant schedule but it needs to fit around the rest of my life…otherwise, what will I have to write about?

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  1. October 21, 2010 9:38 pm

    Enjoyed your blog. Yes, it is a wonderful way to share and can allow home to stay first priority!

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