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A Week of Crafting: Good for the Soul

September 29, 2010

{A Week of Crafting: The more I make things, the more I realize how important it is to me to do so and the more reasons occur to me to keep doing it.  So I’m writing a series of posts this week on why crafting is important to me.  Feel free to join in by leaving a link to your post(s) in the comments!}

Crafting is EMPOWERING.  It builds skills of self-sufficiency, lessens our dependency on corporations, and allows us to better control what comes into our homes.  When we craft with our children or under their watchful eyes, we build their skills as well.  We model the slow and pleasant work of making by hand.  We demonstrate mindful creating.  We empower our family to take charge of producing that which it needs.

Creating is good for the soul.  When I am crafting I feel connected to women around the globe and for generations back, just as I do when I am pregnant or giving birth.  Creative energy is deeply feminine and rooted in strength.

Boo's birthday hat

Why is crafting important in your life?

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