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Last day of summer (and our fall schedule)

September 22, 2010

Today was the last day of summer and I had planned to play at home, bake gingersnaps, eat popsicles, and take a neighborhood walk to look for signs of fall.  But in the morning a friend reminded me of a birthday party I had forgotten, so the afternoon was spent scrambling to make a last-minute present which turned out terribly (luckily Boo was ok with regifting some things she was done playing with) and then heading to the party, and back at dinner time.  I had beans in the crockpot but we walked in to the house in a total mess and the sewing machine etc. still set up on the kitchen table (my “sewing room” is the dining room).  I was too tired to deal with this so I decided we should have our apple-juice-popsicles after all (and wait for papa to get home and help me get dinner on the table)!

We giggled, we slurped, we shared.  It was the perfect goodbye-to-summer moment.

And on this last day of summer, many of the questions I’ve been asking myself were answered.  The last couple of weeks have been challenging for me as our schedule changed suddenly and drastically.  Aaron is now home on Mondays while I work from home (for the first time since Boo was born), and Boo also started going to school two mornings a week (yes, we are homeschoolers making use of a local preschool!).  It was hard for me to imagine how I was going to “fit” in everything I want to do with the girls and not feel too rushed and busy.  We’ve been living like leaves blowing in the wind, experimenting with new rhythms, dabbling in both structure and chaos.  I knew that for us, fall wouldn’t start until I could figure out this new routine.  I’m so happy that things fell into place for me on the last day of summer…and I’m looking forward to celebrating Autumn tomorrow with a fresh start!

A favorite Fall two years ago

For anyone who’s interested, I’m feeling inspired by all of the wonderful detailed schedule posts by Renee FIMBY to post my own (intended) schedule for the fall:

6:30 mama and baby up and get ready for the day

7:00 papa up (mama gets an hour of yoga time)

8:00 morning chore time (laundry + M-vaccuum, Tu-mop, W-bathroom, Th-wipe surfaces, F-trash, Sa-bills and papers, Su-make beds) and say goodbye to papa

Th/F we take Boo to school (a half-day Waldorf home nursery program) at 8:30 and go to pick her up at 12:30.

9:15 breakfast number 2 (this seems to always happen unofficially, so I’m making it official!) and morning meeting (ie: talk about our plans for the day)

The baby’s nap is unpredictable in the morning these days so we play that by ear, also we are nursing and doing diaper changes, etc. throughout the day.

9:45-11:45 Activity Block (M-papa day, Tu-home or homeschooling group, W-library, Th/F-Boo in school-take Bubbles to park, LLL, or tackle projects at home, Sa-hike, Su-house projects)

12:00 Lunch, kitchen cleanup, and playtime

1:00 Read stories and get Bubbles down for a nap

1:30-3:30 Activity with Boo (sometimes her plan, sometimes mine).  Some tuesdays we are out with our homeschool group.

3:30 Cleanup time

4:00 Go for a walk (depending on time we may visit the park)

4:30-5:30 Back home to cook dinner (time depends on dinner plans, if something is in the crockpot, etc.)

6:00 Dinner (In reality this is almost always later, meaning I clean the kitchen after the kids are in bed or the next morning)

7:30 Bubbles bath and bedtime.  Boo gets playtime with papa and then they do her bedtime (she’s asleep by 9).

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  1. September 23, 2010 7:16 am

    Looks good. I am in the process of answering the questions you left on my blog re: interest-led learning with littles etc… I was going to do it in the comments section where you asked it but it’s becoming a bona fide post. So stayed tuned. And thank you for all your kind comments at FIMBY.

  2. September 27, 2010 3:51 am

    Wow.. Awesome idea. You’ve inspired me to do the same as well. Glad to know you do yoga as well.. Am a diehard yoga doer.. I also look forward to spending time with my toddler exploring new “homemade” activities.. Any ideas??

    • September 27, 2010 10:44 am

      Thanks Prerna! I look forward to reading your post. :) I plan to post frequently about homemade activities on the blog and so far you can see my posts on making fingerpaint, and on child-led art here and here. I’ll plan to post this week on making “mushy gushy,” one of my favorite toddler activities. :)
      I also recommend the blog The Artful Parent and any of the MaryAnn Kohl books for more inspiration. Have fun! :)

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