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September 10, 2010

I’m doing some planning for fall and I’m asking myself questions such as…

How did we get so busy?

Ten years from now, when I look back on this year, how will I feel about it?  Will I feel that I rushed things, pushed independence, got lost in busy-ness?  Or will I look back and enjoy the sweet memories of relaxed and playful days with my little ones?  Can I let Boo really be three right now and just enjoy the three-ness of it?  (This is hardest with our oldest child, isn’t it?)

What do I love to do that I can share with my children?  How can I model for them that I am learning and creating, how do I share my passions?  When will we practice yoga together?  How can I bring more music into our home?

What do we do together that is super fun, that gets us laughing or feeling really connected?

Now that we have done the hard work of building community and the opportunities are simultaneously glorious, tempting, and overwhelming, how do we choose where and with whom we spend our time?  Who is getting what from all of our socializing?  How can I get the adult interaction that I need without overwhelming our schedule with playdates and group events?  How much time should we spend at home, and when will I get one-one-one time to connect with Boo and give her my full attention?

How can I set up our space so that it is easy to be in…feels warm and comfortable, inspires imaginative play, is easy to clean up?  How can I set up our outdoor space to make us want to be out there and spend time outside and bring creative play outside?

Can I bring in some of these Waldorf ideas that appeal to me and that sound so magical?  Bake bread together, hang the laundry to dry, more practical work?  What about family drawing time (as in The Creative Family), watercolor painting side-by-side, making our own toys, dyeing our own playsilks?  When do the children see me engaged in my work, sewing or knitting, reading, making things for them, gardening, or caring for our home?  What about family traditions and festivals?  How will we mark the changing seasons and celebrate throughout the year?  And perhaps most importantly, how can I remember to take the ideas that are working for us, let go of the (waldorf-book-inspired-fantasy) rest, and just laugh when things are messy and unpredictable?

How will the baby’s needs (for napping, holding, nursing, diaper changing, playful attention, safe freedom to explore) be well and lovingly met in the midst of everything else?

Can I treat our days as a feast to sink my teeth into?  Can our life feel luscious?

Meditating on this:  “There is no age at which Life is not an essential part, if not THE essential part, of education.” (Karen Gibson,

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  1. September 11, 2010 11:21 pm

    what beautiful pictures:) best wishes~!


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