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Change is a challenging blessing

August 30, 2010

Bubbles is one!

This week we celebrated Bubbles’ first birthday.  I remember when Boo turned one I was sad because I thought she wasn’t a baby anymore.  The second time around I know that babyhood does last much longer than a year.

Boo is one!

We also had a big shift in our family schedule starting this week.  Aaron rearranged his work schedule to four days, so he is now a stay-at-home dad one day a week while I work from home.  I was simultaneously so excited and so resistant to this change…until I realized that I just needed a chance to mourn.  The transition today was challenging, and I really only got half a day of work in, so I was fairly frustrated by late morning.  But then they went off to the museum and I cried.

But the change that got to me the most was Boo’s first haircut.  I hemmed and hawed for weeks as Aaron and Boo complained about the tangles, the arduous combing and shampooing (well, baking soda-ing), the necessity of at least a trim.  The real zinger was their conviction that Aaron himself should do the deed.  I made excuses to put it off, saving those golden baby curls one day at a time.  Until I recognized that resistance, yet again, was my way of grieving.  I was holding on to her babyhood while she was telling me that she wasn’t scared to grow up.  She was ready.

It’s beautiful, and she is just perfect.

Boo is three and a half!

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