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First signs of fall

August 20, 2010

I wish I loved summer.  It seems like the thing to do.  And when we lived in Boston, I did love it…my memory of our spring and summer there when Boo was a little toddler is one great blissful park-hopping sprinkler-dancing blur.  But the heat in North Carolina…Oh, the heat!

There has been a subtle shift in the past week and a half.  The days are still blazing but there’s a slight chill in the middle of the night and in the morning when I get up sometimes I want socks.  For a bit.

And today on a walk, I found this leaf in our neighborhood.  Fall is coming soon(ish), and I will be ready for it!

Postscript:  If one were to take a walk to put the baby to sleep and find a beautiful leaf to bring home for one’s three-year-old (who is playing with visiting grandma), and then upon returning home, sneak into the house to grab the camera to take a picture of said leaf before giving to intended recipient and at risk of waking baby….is that a sign of heading towards required attendance at Blogger’s Anonymous?  Or just good fun?!  :)

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