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A fabulous art education

August 18, 2010

Kids need two things to have a fabulous art education.

Supplies and freedom.

When we visit the local children’s museum we like to go to the craft room.  Boo loves making the craft of the day.  It’s always a simple product-oriented activity with a limited number of tidy supplies available.  I don’t have a problem with that, but I think this sort of structured activity has limited benefit.  At home, we play with art.  We mess and mush.  We experiment.  We create.

Sometimes adults are intimidated to do arts and crafts projects with their little ones because they themselves don’t feel confident as artists or they think they need to prepare a project or direct it.  Adults are so product-oriented!  For young children, the process is really more important than the product.  Experimentation fosters more growth than guidelines.


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